Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Road to 1L: What to Do After the June LSAT

If you're wondering what to do after taking the June LSAT, here's a great law school admissions roadmap for you that I wrote for the Above the Law Career Blog.

I'll give you the abridged version here:

1. Decide whether (and why) you're going to retake the LSAT in October).

2. Get started on your law school applications or the components thereof if the actual applications aren't available yet (which they won't be in most cases) - you should really get an early jump on brainstorming and writing out some early drafts of your personal statement. In order to write a successful personal statement, you will have to engage in a lot of reflection and then turn that reflection into great writing. That requires time and effort...and then more time...and more effort. Don't expect to be able to give yourself the kind of perspective you will need by working on it here and there during your fall semester.

3. Besides the LSAT and personal statement/supplementary essays, you will need to plan for the components of the application that aren't entirely within your control. These elements are letters of recommendation, transcripts, and dean's certifications.

Read more about from David Mainiero on law school admissions on the ATL blog.

Of course, if you want more personalized attention from law school admissions experts, don't hesitate to reach out.