Friday, July 11, 2014

LeBron James Decision 2014: Stay in Miami LeBron James Decision 2014: Stay in Miami

A celebration of the past four years with @KingJames on the Miami Heat. One of the best sports teams ever assembled. With all the talk of him returning to Cleveland, here's a strong pitch for him to stay the course in Miami and get right back to his winning ways rather than participating in another rebuild in Cleveland with a rookie NBA head coach, an unproven draft pick, a mediocre supporting cast, one young stud in Kyrie. If he didn't go for the Bulls offer with Derrick Rose in 2010, why is Kyrie so appealing to him? His inner circle might be pushing for Cleveland, but he hasn't officially taken a meeting with them yet. Things are up in the air, but here's to hoping for #fourmoreyears of glory. As pathetic as Miami fans seem to be (and I don't think they're so significantly worse than other average NBA fans), there are some true Heat fans out there that cherished this day four years ago. These fine gentlemen had quite a time that evening, even though I believe it was a Tuesday. Excuse the lack of pants of some of one of revelers; he was changing out of work clothes when the Decision was seemingly imminent and rushed out of his room, eyes glued to the TV. Come back, LeBron. Wade's still got some left in the tank, and Bosh is great. Riley will get you the support and the youth you need. Stick with the most loyal organization in sports - the Miami Heat. David Mainiero