Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lost in Translation: Chinese Food in China

On my most recent trip to Beijing, I encountered some interesting food. Not so dissimilar from goofy Chinese translations of made-up English dishes on restaurants in America serving non-authentic Chinese food, one Chinese restaurant (specializing in Peking duck) had some pretty hilarious translations of its own on its enormous menu. I have compiled a greatest hits list here. All are equally delicious and ridiculous sounding.

1. Marijuana Fish - I have no idea what this means, and would love for someone to tell me. All I know is that they only prepare their marijuana fish one way, though. Smoked.

Marijuana Fish

2. The Trademark Tickle Box - Given that the waiters were wearing masks, ordering the trademark tickle box was too risky for me.

Trademark Tickle Box

3. Pimple Soup - This is the only one for which the translation comes even close to making sense because of the texture of the soup.

Pimple Soup

4. Amorous Feelings of Beef Tendon - Despite my hope that these were cow testicles of some sort, they were actually the Achilles-equivalent of a cow. This was fairly disappointing.

Amorous Feelings of Beef Tendon
I feel like if I looked on Urban Dictionary, I would find much more entertaining descriptions of these menu items.