Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Will be the Third Time America Beats Germany...or Ties Them...

Except this time, it's not a war.

I'm not sure whether we've been infiltrated by a German spy or we've turned Klinsmann into a full-blown defector, but either way, there should be no stopping #USMNT from at least earning a draw today and advancing to the Round of 16.

Last time we played Germany in such an important World Cup match, they got through by the skin of their teeth with a clear handball on the line to save an American goal.

While I don't expect FIFA to referee the match any more fairly and certainly don't expect any gifts like Germany got in 2002, I would love to get some referee retribution (or maybe save it for some later rounds).

I think USA will come out aggressively, and then the game can either explode wide open with full-fledged attacking by both sides if a goal is scored, or it will die down into a quiet match with both sides content to save their players from injury and advance to fight another day. The one thing USA should not do is sit back and pack their side of the midfield waiting for Germany to attack. We should play a 4-5-1, with Bradley in an attacking position and rely on smart counters.

Meanwhile, I hope Jozy Altidore is getting some great hamstring massages so that we can hopefully have him back for the knockout rounds.