Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finishing Your Supplemental College Essays Before the Deadline

For those of you who are worrying about how you are possibly going to finish all of those supplemental essays for college applications due in the next couple of weeks, read about InGenius Prep's approach to researching and adapting your experiences and interests to those of the schools you are applying to. Part of this reflective process might even make you question why you are applying to a particular school, or better yet, help you find schools that you wouldn't have otherwise have known might be a good fit for you.

At InGenius Prep, a team of dozens of former admissions officers from all of the most selective schools in the country have collaborated on strategies to succeed in your college applications. You can work with them one-on-one or with the third helping hand of InGenius's Graduate Coaches.

Learn more about the InGenius approach through David Mainiero's advice on supplemental essays posted by our friends at AdmitSee.