Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Value of Application Counseling

Successful applications are more than the sum of their parts. All of the components - your personal statement, supplementary essays, resume, addenda-- need to speak together in one voice about who you are as a candidate. These packages will help you develop that crucial application persona by teasing out the most impressive version of you and getting it on paper.  

When you sign up for one of our application counseling packages, you’re getting our start-to-finish, comprehensive assistance on all of your application needs. If you haven’t started your applications yet, are struggling with coming up with a good personal statement topic, still haven’t put together your law school resumes, or don’t know what you’ll write for a supplemental essay, these are the packages for you. In our application counseling packages, we’ll tailor our packages so they’re just right for you. We’ll brainstorm, edit, revise, and then do it all again until your application is the best possible reflection of you .