Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heat Win in 5, As Predicted

Miami pulled it off in 5, just as I predicted in my post earlier last week.

Here's the play that essentially ended Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnetts' NBA careers...unfortunately, for them, they didn't really have anything to do with it:

LeBron was simply incredible, despite the quadruple-teams and strong traps he was commanding all night. The shooters, ranging from Ray Allen to Big Shot Bosh really pulled through in the clutch.

Birdman had some incredible tip out rebounds early in the game. His athleticism might be waning, but his effort certainly isn't. I really hope he can continue to contribute at this incredible leave. if he stays in Miami next year. For reference, he has one of the highest PERs in the Playoffs behind a couple of superstars. He's an incredibly underrated player, and will be key to the Heat's championship aspirations.

Bring on the Wizards.