Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great Tribute to Craig Sager - Get Well, Soon!

The TNT and ESPN/ABC broadcasting teams, along with several players, have epitomized class in dealing with the unfortunate and sad news about Craig Sager's illness. The latest is that he will be in the hospital undergoing treatment for leukemia for at least four weeks. He first felt ill reporting a Mavs-Spurs game two weeks ago, and consulted with the Mavs team doctors who sent him to the hospital.

Sager has been a great, tenacious reporter for decades and everyone has had their fair share of fun with his colorful, wild outfits (even people taking selfies with him passed out in hotel lobbies). The usually soft-spoken (at least to the media) Kevin Garnett had this to say to Sager a few years ago:

However, Sager's outfits are a metaphor for his effusive personality and his career of fierce reporting. He's truly made his mark.

Even the tight-lipped Popovich, who barely gives Sager and others three words in a normal regular season in-game interview, spoke directly to Sager during a sideline interview with Craig Sager, Jr. during the playoffs. From such a great coach and man like Popovich, this is the ultimate gesture of respect and admiration.

Get well soon, Craig.